2018 Schedule

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2018 Schedule (updated 1/10/18)

HPDE Registration for all Patroon sponsored events will be available beginning in February 2018 at: patroon.motorsportreg.com

  • Friday, May 18th – Lime Rock ParkRegistration opens Feb. 1st.
  • Saturday, August 25th – Lime Rock ParkRegistration opens Feb. 1st.

A note from HPDE Registrar emeritus, EJ Smith: Thank you all for supporting Patroon’s 2017 HPDE season! While not all of our events were filled (I’m looking at you Watkins Glen), we still enjoyed our time on track and want to thank you, whether you were a student at one of our events, or were an instructor and helped our students safely enjoy their track time.

Like last season, there are some changes coming up for 2018, and some things will remain the same. We will continue our very successful partnership with the good folks of Connecticut Valley Chapter and our October season ender at Palmer Motorsports Park, aka Whiskey Hill Raceway. Now, for the changes…

First up, we are NOT holding a Watkins Glen event this year.  Too few participants and too high track fees made this a necessary but disappointing decision.  Despite having 3 chapters share the load last season (NY, Patroon, Del Val), we could not get enough entrants to break even last year, and this year the track did not offer us dates which we believed would change that.

Secondly, we are not headed back to Calabogie this year.  October Fest is being held during the traditional Calabogie weekend, and Patroon is thinking of designating the OFest track event as a “Patroon On the Road” event. Hopefully we can get a core of fun-loving track enthusiasts to caravan to Pitt International Race Complex (PIRC).  We’re waiting on the dates to be announced…

Thirdly,  our kick-off traditional Spring Lime Rock Park events will happen on a FRIDAY, instead of a Saturday.  We felt the date (May 18) was better than the other Saturday dates we were offered.  Our traditional late summer LRP event will still happen on a Saturday.

Fourthly, our season ending event with our friends at CVC in October will be a THREE DAY event. Friday – Saturday – Sunday, October 12-13-14.  CVC will handle registration. When it opens, we’ll promote it here and on Patroon’s Facebook page. Stay tuned for details as the season progresses…

And lastly, please welcome Mike Allen from the NY Chapter as our main registrar once again this season.  Mike is earning his participation in our events by handling the registrar position, freeing up EJ Smith to do more instruction.  Thanks Mike!


Patroon Needs you!

Our Volunteer / worker program allows you to earn “credits” in dollar values to lessen your expense for future events, or even make it free for you. We have various positions available, from assisting at Registration and Tech at certain events , working the grid / staging area all the way up to the Grid chief / Chief steward position. (We also need a pit out person(s) for our Lime Rock events.)

Some of these positions can be shared during an event which would allow you to drive as well and save a few dollars. And if you are really serious think of it as an apprenticeship for an open Grid Chief/ Chief Steward position where there are more responsibilities and built-in incentives.

If you would like to volunteer then sign up on the regular Event Registration located at patroon.motorsportreg.com and indicate what specialty you would like to volunteer for.

**PLEASE NOTE** – We typically do not let novice entrants volunteer in order to make sure they can fully focus on learning and the safety aspects of the driving school. We will reach out to those who have volunteered prior to the event to verify your participation.

Thank you to our Sponsors!

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